5 Dumb Mistakes Home Sellers Make – How to Avoid Them

  • Setting the asking price to high, because of a personal need or emotion rather than at current market value. Avoid this, by consulting with an experienced full time real estate professional. This way you can get your home priced correctly the first time.
  • Failing to showcase their home by highlighting the best features. Avoid this, by thoroughly cleaning, repairing, and in general, readying your home for showing before you put it on the market.
  • Signing a Listing Contract with no way out. Avoid this, by asking your real estate agent if you can cancel your listing agreement at any time, no questions asked, prior to signing a purchase agreement.
  • Choosing an agent for the wrong reason. For example; gave the highest listing price, is a friend or relative, works for the most popular company. Avoid this, by selecting the agent that your most comfortable with, has experience, is full time, and has the best marketing plan.
  • Not knowing legal rights and obligations. Avoid this, by working with a knowledgeable, trustworthy professional that understands both the technical and legal aspects of a real estate transaction and is willing to take the time to explain it. Contracts are legally binding. Neglecting details can wind up costing home sellers thousands of dollars.