5 Inherited Home Estate Sale Do’s


  • Choose the right kind of sale. A reputable estate sale company will help you decide whether an auction or garage sale is the best forum for your types of Inherited Home belongings. An estate sale ideally consists of an entire household of inherited items, from special antiques or collectibles to useful household goods, and services will include organizing and staging, photography, advertising and signage, and post-sale disposal of remaining items.
  • Make sure to get a written contract.  A contract spells out the responsibilities and obligations of both the seller and the estate sale company. Don’t go with an estate sale company that doesn’t offer a contract. Before you sign, make sure that all heirs and interested parties of the inherited home are in agreement with the sale plans.
  • Schedule the sale as far in advance as possible. Many estate sale companies are booked months ahead of time. If the first company you call is not available in your time frame, check with another company. To have the best possible estate sale, the company must have sufficient time to advertise it properly.
  • Remove family heirlooms and inherited items you want to keep before the walkthrough. The company bases its acceptance of your sale on the value assessed at the walkthrough. If you remove items after the walkthrough, you could be charged commission on those items.

Negotiate access to the home. Ask the estate sale company to commit to a certain time frame when they will need to be in your inherited home because you may want to make it available for any potential buyer showings as soon as possible. Have a set of house keys ready to give to the company, as they’ll need frequent access to set up. Most will ask that you not give out any other sets of keys at this point because they are accepting responsibility for the items that will be in your estate sale.