It's a Great Time to Sell Your Livonia Home.

Nationally home sellers profited about $54,000 on average at the end of 2017, that's a 10-year high and means sellers were bringing in an average return on investment of nearly 30%.

Selling a Livonia home in this market is easy. Finding a home to move into? Not so easy.

A low supply of homes on the Livonia market has made house hunting difficult. The lack of available homes has driven up prices, leading to bidding wars and homes selling for well above the asking price. While that's great news for Livonia home sellers, it's bad news when they become home buyers.

While it’s fun and exciting to see a huge appreciation in your home, what scares home sellers is not wanting to get in a rental scenario when selling. Meanwhile, homes continue to appreciate and there is the concern that you could be priced out.