Selling Your Home: Agent or For Sale By Owner?

While the temptation to do it yourself may be strong, sometimes an objective voice can make all the difference. Whether you hire an agent or go the for-sale-by-owner route, you’ll want honest feedback along the way regarding your proposed price, how well the house will show, and other matters involving the sale.

Just showing the house yourself can be awkward, especially hearing honest — and sometimes painful — remarks.

A real estate agent will provide you with a market analysis, detailing homes similar to yours and what they’ve recently sold for. These “comps” are critical in helping you set a fair and competitive sale price for your home. Without an agent, you’ll need to do this research on your own.

In addition, local market knowledge is a major advantage. An experienced real estate agent can guide you away from making rookie mistakes.

If you have the time, marketing savvy and people skills, a for-sale-by-owner transaction may be for you. But if you decide to hire a real estate agent, hire the one your most comfortable with.