Selling Your Home: Listing and Marketing Your Home For Sale

You’ve probably noticed homes that have a little extra sizzle in their online listings, with photography that really pops and descriptions that are easy to read and packed with info.

The value of professional photography cannot be overstated. Survey’s reveal that high-quality images, shot by a professional with the right lenses and lighting, can sell for an average of $3,400 more — and up to three weeks faster — than home listings featuring lower-quality photography.

You might consider holding an open house to bring traffic to your home. While pros question the effectiveness and usefulness of such events, reports show that homes with an open house in the first week of their listing sell for about 2% more and are more likely to sell within 90 days than homes offering open houses after the week of their listing debut. However, the report also states it’s likely that the relationship between sales success and an open house during the first week of a listing has more to do with the pricing and local market demand.

Also, homes that are listed for sale on a Thursday performed better. They’re more likely to sell for bigger money — even above list price — and sell days faster than homes listed on any other day of the week. But only 18% of homes are actually listed on a Thursday.