Selling Your Home: Making the Deal

With or without an agent, you’ll need to make your home available for an appraisal and a buyer’s home inspection — and, of course, any home showings. Contingencies — those “if-then” propositions — can be tedious. Such as, “If you fix this, then we’ll buy your home.” Contingencies are a market-driven factor. Generally, the higher the housing demand, the fewer conditions are placed on a sale. Likewise, if it’s a buyer’s market, expect them.

In fact, all of the finer points of negotiating with any prospective buyer can be time-consuming and patience-testing — and this is where really good real estate agents really earn their keep.

Some of the last-minute details you may need to deal with can include deciding whether you want to trigger a “rent-back” agreement from the new homeowners, in order to allow you time to complete the purchase of your new home and prepare for the move.